These are the Best Packing Options to Cushion Contents and Ensure a Safe Delivery

Whenever you need to ship an item out, it is of key importance that you pack it in a way that will ensure its safe delivery. This is the case whether you are running a large-scale shipping department, you own your own small business, or you are simply shipping something out to a friend or relative. 

There are a variety of box fillings that can help to cushion the contents that you are sending out. Different types of items are best protected by a variety of different box filling materials. The most important thing is ensuring that the contents are protected and secure so that they make it to their destination fully intact.

It is a general rule of thumb that the type of item being shipped will dictate how you are going to cushion it as a part of the packing process. Another point to remember is the importance of choosing a box that is of an appropriate size. This means selecting a box that does not leave an excessive area of a void that will have to be filled up. At the same time, there does have to be some space left for cushioning material.

Electronic items generally do well with padding that is provided by non-static wraps. Packing peanuts can provide additional help due to their ability to reduce electrical charges that could occur during the process of shipping. The most important thing is finding ways to effectively fill any voids in the box that the item will be shipped in. This can include the use of materials such as kraft paper, loose-fill, bubble products, and foam. 

The Different Varieties of Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is one of the most popular types of cushioning material used to ensure the safe delivery of items that are shipped out. It is composed of plastic sheeting that has air bubbles that come in a variety of different sizes. 

Bubble wrap is available in several forms. These include bubble wrap that comes in rolls. These can include perforations or no perforations. The material is also available in sheets as well as pouches. There is also the option for bubble wrap that includes an adhesive that helps it to cling to the box. Which choice of bubble wrap that is used will depend on the type of item. For electronics, it is usually recommended to use a wrap with large bubbles. These provide added protection and have anti-static properties.

Using Kraft Paper and Loose-Fill Material

When shipping out light items of an irregular shape, some of the best options are kraft paper and loose-fill material. Kraft paper comes in precut sheets as well as rolls. This paper can be crumpled up to fill in any voids. Loose-fill material such as packing peanuts made out of polystyrene is another great option that can help to ensure that all sides of a box are cushioned. 

The Foam Filler Option

Foam filler is yet another popular and effective option for providing cushion to items that you are shipping out in boxes. Air foam products work similarly to the way that bubble wrap does. They can be used as foam wraps and they can also be used to pad the corners and the edges of the box that the item is being shipped in. These sheets come in a variety of different widths and they are sold in rolls. There are perforated and non-perforated options available.


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